Nurse Debbie Imbert (f)
Debbie has been a practice nurse since 1990. She joined Little Waltham in 1996. She has completed certificates in Mari-curie cancer care, smoking cessation, Family planning, consultation and diagnostic skills and has a diploma in asthma. Special Interests: Smoking Cessation, Minor Illness, Family Planning, Asthma

Nurse Lisa Bell (f)
Lisa qualified in 1984 and joined the practice in 2003.  She became a Nurse Prescriber in 2010. She has the diploma in asthma and has completed courses in family planning, teenage health, contraceptive implant and coil fitting. Special Interests: Asthma, Womens Health and travel.

Nurse Tracy Tulley

Nurse Tania Smith

Nurse Frances Tierney 

Nurse Mary Flynn


Healthcare Assistants

Trish Rogers (f)
Lena Rooker (f)
Ruby Patel (f)
Diane Rabey (f)
Wendy Body


Nurses Practitioners

Lorraine McClement (f)
Started nursing in 1974. 18 years in A & E and in primary care for 10 years. She has a special interest in sports injuries

Jane McElliot (f)
Started nursing in 1983, worked as theatre nurse for 5 years then 3 years in A & E. She began working in general practice initially as a practice nurse in 1991. Going back to university and   qualified as an Advanced nurse practitioner in 2006, Enjoy all aspects of general practice, previously lead respiratory nurse working alongside respiratory consultants.

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